About Us
Organic farming is facing major challenges from large-scale, corporate farms as well as from GMO giants, Monsanto and marketers such as Walmart.

Family farmers are also facing financial and tax challenges of being owners of farmland. 
This website is created to provide the website to the organic farming community to have a simple and free pathway to gain visibility on the internet and netork and collaborate with the members of the community.

This is a not for profit venture. The website owner and operator provides knowledge and exertise in internet marketing and collaboration.

Simple, one-page "billboard" web-page is free with no editing provided and no outward links or contact information.

All additional website features and development costs will be passed through as agreed.

We are also inviting bloggers and freelance news "reporters" to contribute to this community website. It will be voluntary as this website can only survive as a voluntary community.

Freequent contributor will earn a web-page of biography listing his / her contributions to the organic community.
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